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Initially constructed for the cryptocurrency, Blockchain technology has come into use in other diverse fields. This leading-edge technology presents an accessible, decentralized and transparent system for data recording and transfer, that is why large businesses choose it.

Blockchain solutions don't need any central administration, because of its democratic arrangement. Simply stated, the final result can not be made only by one person, who is in charge of all the data, but the data is managed only by those, who are in the network. Choosing blockchain app development, you get the following benefits: you save money on data storage, get a transparent and automated system, prevent data duplication and reduce risks. 

Large businesses, mostly in Fintech and Healthcare spheres, are interested in this approach and already started investing in Blockchain applications (many banks are now using blockchain, like JPMorgan’s IIN and Deutsche Bank). At Mifort we also have an experienced team of Blockchain developers. And we are ready to help your business grow with Blockchain!


Blockchain and Cryptocurrency solutions we deliver


Let our experienced team help you stay ahead of the curve and leverage these transformative technologies to succeed in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.

Our expertise extends to implementing various technologies such as Bitcoin (BTC, BCH, BSV), Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Cardano, and more to build secure and innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of our Сlients.


  • Technology consulting and development

We build cryptocurrencies, blockchain solutions, smart contracts, and trading platforms. Cloud-based cryptocurrency wallets, exchangers, payment and analytics solutions.


  • Decentralized finance (DeFi) and Web 3.0 solutions

Our DeFi and Web 3.0 solutions help clients build blockchain-based ecosystems, create user-centric platforms, and develop institutional-grade DeFi components and protocols.



Custom Blockchain Solutions Across Industries

Empower your business with enhanced security measures, seamless document management with contract signing capabilities, efficient staff management, secure storage and processing of large files and diverse data types, advanced identification features, and government-grade solutions.


Fintech and Banking

We design software with fortified security measures, seamless contract signing features, integration of secure crypto wallets, and reliable data storage mechanisms.


We expand payment options by incorporating cryptocurrencies delivering advanced and secure data management capabilities, simplifying the invoicing process, and making it hassle-free for businesses and their customers.

Logistics and Supply Chain

We deliver solutions that allow the efficient handling, tracking, and secure storage of crucial documents, enhancing logistics operations management.

Logistics and Supply Chain

We deliver solutions that allow the efficient handling, tracking, and secure storage of crucial documents, enhancing logistics operations management.


We bring innovation by incorporating gamification elements to elevate user engagement and enrich the overall learning experience, enhancing the interaction between learners and the product, and making the learning process more immersive, enjoyable, and effective.



Blockchain and Cryptocurrency services we offer

We offer integrated expertise across various domains including strategy, product development, data and analytics, DeFi, dApps, wallets, Web 3.0, and delivery management for mission-critical innovation.


  • Powerful Integrations

Enable seamless asset transfer and management, access real-time market data, and facilitate secure and automated transactions with cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, and other blockchain-related services like Coinbase, Binance, Metamask, and more.

  • Data analytics and optimization

We help clients consolidate and manage their data, and deploy AI and machine learning technologies to drive enhanced performance.

  • Data analytics and optimization

We help clients consolidate and manage their data, and deploy AI and machine learning technologies to drive enhanced performance.

  • Product strategy, design, and engineering

End-to-end product development services which help our clients create innovative products that are designed to meet specific business needs, while also being user-friendly, and technologically advanced.



Leverage the power of Green Crypto technologies for your business

Green crypto solution Mifort provides while developing custom software

  • We implement energy-efficient blockchain solutions using PoS algorithms instead of energy-intensive PoW
  • We optimize smart contracts to minimize energy consumption and reduce the environmental impact

We have successfully integrated Bitcoin SV (BSV) into our Clients’ Supply Chain Management, Digital Identity, and Financial Services, offering fast transactions, smart contracts, low transaction costs, and NFT support.

With BSV, we enable real-time tracking, traceability, and transparency, reducing costs and fraud, enhancing privacy, and reducing identity theft risks.


Blockchain Technology Domains of our Expertise


We include security management systems, multi-factor authentication, hardware wallet integration, advanced encryption algorithms, and decentralized identity protocolsto deliver secure, user-friendly, and feature-rich blockchain wallets.


We specialize in building robust cryptocurrency exchange platforms with advanced order-matching algorithms and stringent security measures while also developing custom solutions that support a wide range of cryptocurrencies, enabling seamless transactions, real-time market insights, and compatibility with various blockchain networks.


We integrate AI-powered crypto chatbots, encompassing customer support, transactional, advisory, grid trading, DCA trading, arbitrage trading, futures trading, copy trading, and market trading bots for optimal performance.


We integrate API solutions, including popular options like Yahoo Finance API, Alpha Vantage API, Finage API, Twelve Data API, and more, enabling secure connectivity with third-party services and data providers, facilitating data exchange, and real-time updates, and enhancing interoperability and functionality for an optimized user experience.


We harness the power of neural networks in custom fintech software development to analyze extensive financial data, enabling precise predictions, risk assessment, and fraud detection while leveraging deep learning algorithms to identify patterns, anomalies, and trends in the markets, facilitating data-driven decision-making for optimal outcomes.


Maximize your business potential with ICO development services, offering a secure and highly reliable online fundraising solution, enabling you to effortlessly raise funds and achieve exceptional results.

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Recent projects

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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

A website for an enterprise client's crypto trading platform, implementing security measures and using trading bots that do multiple millions of transactions monthly.

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Blockchain Gaming Platform

A multi-cryptocurrency platform for mobile games that enabled players to compete for cryptocurrency tokens using smart contracts and multiple payment options.

Project image

Secure and Efficient Crypto Trading Platform

A secure and user-friendly crypto trading platform that enabled traders to buy and sell multiple currencies and smart contracts, integrating a new cryptocurrency MNT and developing a system for MNT animation support.

Project image
Project image

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