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In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, businesses require more than mere software development; they need strategic guidance, technological prowess, and tailored solutions to navigate the intricate IT terrain successfully. At Mifort, we offer comprehensive IT consulting services that empower your organization to harness the full potential of technology.

Our IT consulting services encompass an extensive array of solutions, ensuring that we cater to your unique needs. Whether you seek software development consulting, IT strategy formulation, or a blend of both, we collaborate closely with you to identify pain points, uncover opportunities, and chart a roadmap in line with your business objectives.


Our Approach

Understanding Your Needs
Our journey commences with an in-depth understanding of your organization's specific challenges, goals, and vision. We conduct thorough consultations to gain insights into your operations and IT infrastructure

Customized Strategies
Building upon our analysis, we craft tailored IT strategies that address your immediate requirements and long-term aspirations. These encompass software development, IT infrastructure optimization, security enhancements, and more

Our involvement goes beyond planning; we actively assist in implementing the recommended solutions. Whether it's developing a bespoke software solution, upgrading your IT infrastructure, or streamlining your processes, we're committed to bringing the strategy to life

Monitoring and Support
Our commitment extends to continuous monitoring and support, ensuring the sustained efficiency, security, and alignment of your IT ecosystem with your business goals

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Consulting Solutions We Offer

Our expertise spans a multitude of domains, catering to various industries and sectors. Here's an overview of the solutions we provide:

  • Software Development Consulting

Tap into our extensive experience to create efficient, scalable, and innovative software solutions. Whether you're building a custom application or enhancing existing software, our seasoned consultants offer guidance at every stage

  • IT Strategy Formulation

Develop a clear, actionable IT strategy that harmonizes with your business objectives. We guide you in making informed decisions regarding technology investments, infrastructure upgrades, and digital transformation initiatives

  • Security Consulting

Safeguard your digital assets with our IT security consulting services. We assess your cybersecurity posture, suggest improvements, and assist in implementing robust security measures

  • Intelligent Automation Consultancy

Embrace the future of automation with our consultancy on intelligent automation technologies. Boost productivity, reduce operational costs, and drive efficiency across your organization

  • ERP Consulting Services

Optimize your operations and resource management with our ERP consulting. We aid in selecting, implementing, and maintaining ERP systems tailored to your industry

Our Proficiency and Accomplishments

Backed by years of experience, a team of seasoned IT consultants, and a track record of triumphant projects, Mifort stands as your trusted partner in IT consulting. We've assisted businesses across various industries in achieving their IT objectives, enhancing operational efficiency, and fostering growth

From collaborating with international corporations to supporting startups, our expertise knows no boundaries. We've provided software development consulting, implemented sophisticated IT solutions, and crafted IT strategies that deliver concrete results. We recognize that every organization is unique, and our approach is always tailored to your specific needs.

Mifort represents more than just a software development company; we're your strategic IT consulting ally. Contact us today to unlock your organization's complete IT potential and embark on a transformative digital journey.

IT Consulting Domains of our Expertise


Mifort design team creates interfaces for web platforms in different domains, but they all have great useability and user-friendly interface.

  • Management systems

  • Websites and landing pages

  • Prototyping of your future app


We also make design for mobile & hybrid applications.

  • Delivery services

  • Social network


We build machine learning algorithms from decision trees to independent component analysis.

  • Data outcome prediction

  • Datasets analysis

  • Chatbots development


Desktop applications are comfortable to use for internal company use like intranet portals and management software.

  • HR management systems

  • Intranet and extranet portals

  • IP restrictions

How we work



Project analysis and estimation

Mockups, specification and estimation of future project


Start of work on the project

We start development process right after you confirm



Development of the project


Project Management

Testing all modules of the project


Quality Assurance

Testing all modules of the project


Deployment and Delivery

Following the best practices


Payment and Warranty

To ensure that everyone is satisfied with cooperation

Recent projects

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Project image

Medical facilitation app for doctors

Carrying your health is top priority for you? Or maybe you want to book appointments to the doctor online or have online consultation instead of going to the hospital? Now you can do it easily with the help of our new medical app. All your medical history, online bookings and appointments in one app.

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