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The world is constantly developing. Innovations such as Blockchain, Fintech, Bitcoin are adopted by people all over the world.

Nowadays blockchain goes everywhere and in these terms the web-service is very relevant. Web-service created by us demonstrates possible use of blockchain in fields such as music, food, fashion and finance. 

Blockchain is also applicable to traditional currencies. The web service is focused on cards, investments, deposits, insurance, payment, digital banking, and others. The web service provides home, car, and personal loans. Also, it gives debit and credit cards. Users can get insurance. The most popular types of insurance are health insurance, accident, and savings insurance. Especially the web service supports cancer insurance. There is a wide service for investments.  Informational support for users about investments is provided. For example, an article about when is the best time to invest, what investments are ineffective and etc. Also, there are answers to the most popular questions, like “How can I buy or sell bonds?”, “How can I find out the price?”, “How do I open an investment account?”. 

For digital banking, there are four applications, which are constantly developing.  


Create a website in the finance field in order to help customers to get more profit from innovative finance services which are provided using blockchain. 


We developed finance website using Solidity, SmartContracts, Kafka, PostgreSQL, Truffle, Web3, Websocket, Docker. All events generated by smart contract propagated to kafka. All smart contract methods are proxied as a REST endpoints



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