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Create CRM for digital distribution in 4 months. 



We managed to create from scratch Web CRM in 4 months with Angular, ES6, HTML5, Less, and D3. 

HTML5 focuses on simplifying the markup needed to create W3C-compliant pages and combine all the required CSS and JavaScript code, as well as image files.

ES6 makes javascript more powerful and expressive. D3, a library of JavaScript, offers a wide range of visualization options in a wide variety of forms and types. Moreover, D3.js  allows complementing visualization with the interactivity of different difficulty levels.

Less expands CSS capabilities allowing to set variables and mixins. Using this technology makes it possible:

1) to have variables in order not to store the same data in the head, we can just declare a variable and then use it anywhere in the cascading style sheet;

2) to embed one CSS class into another which is very convenient and reduces the time spent writing styles.

Using LESS, we can extend the standard CSS features, and, in particular, we can very precisely control the color and size of web page elements, and quickly make changes even to the most complex CSS files.


The CRM turns services into powerful digital cards that are super easy to create and delightful to engage with. Today’s telco process of going to market digital services is a linear time-consuming series of workflows. The application lets partners create services, find audiences and use multiple digital channels to not only put services in front of customers but also provide sales and support. This means partners can actually use their telco as a digital growth platform. 

The built Web application can scale users to new levels since it runs on user-generated data while delivering an awesome user experience for customers. Quite simply using the CRM improves the quality of engagement between users and their business partners and customers. And telco benefits from a structured way of monetizing these relationships because it is centered around the customer journey. 

We have baked-in privacy security and customer preferences and users can customize the application according to their market requirements. With the CRM onboarding, support bots, and integration with everything users spoil their customers with a quality of service that they cannot receive anywhere else and they can deploy the CRM in a number of compliant ways to make sure everyone is happy with data management and control. 

With this Web application, it is easy to distribute digital services and grab digital leadership in markets.



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