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Scalable and fault-tolerant application implemented on the top of Node.js platform for quiz games and administration portal that supports system of content management with the ability to organise vendors into workflow linked to payment management.

Data management is organised with the help of Amazon Web Services, including S3 for storing large scope objects and Dynamo as a data base. Those services meet required safety level, effective scalability and high application performance level.




Our team faced the challenge to develop backend side of a mobile game and portal for managing the flow of questions there. The idea was to make a sports quiz, where you can compete with your friends from Facebook, Google+ or even find friends in the game itself. The aim of admin panel was to make a slick workflow of suppliers and reviewers of the questions for the quiz. Minimize time and material costs to shorten everyday time consuming, so we thought up a system of applications to automate and optimize business processes. That is why we have developed a special platform that is connected to all major business processes: time management, employee management, project management and reporting. The first developed component of the system/platform is the application that allows to automate workflow tracking of the company.



Over 3,000 questions from various sports fields were made using admin panel. For that we needed fast and furious DynamoDB. Which makes it really easy to manage questions’ lifecycle for both managers and suppliers (reviewers). Suppliers create questions, assign sense and spelling reviewers to check and correct them so that managers and admins are able to see and control the process. Then with the help of services those questions go directly into the game.


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