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Create an app to help businesses management issues. The business goal is to achieve significant indicators of saving time and money managing issues. 


Our team created the app using modern technologies HTML5, Node.js, Ionic, Angular, CouchDB, and PouchDB within 2 months. Solving tasks is not difficult now. The app is recognized as the best new B2B technology.


We created the app using such technologies as HTML5, Node.js, Ionic, Angular, CouchDB, and PouchDB within 2 months. The app won the award  “Best new B2B technology” thanks to the great idea of customers as it really improved communication with customers in practice. 

We live in a world that is full of issues. Business is growing all over the world and new conditions for conducting business require new approaches to managing issues. The amount of issues is constantly growing, tasks are becoming more complicated. Consequently, people spend more money and time on solving these tasks. Solving issues is more costly nowadays. In these terms, the slogan “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” is very actual. The goal of the app is to simplify routine work and make business life easier. 

The app allows users to see all current issues and create reports in real-time. In addition, it is possible to see wasted time and incurred expenses. 

5 advantages of the app:

  • no need to remember all issues, as the app remembers them all;
  • less user mistakes because of storing issues functionality;
  • easy-to-use app according to its simple mobile interface;
  • built-in communication functionality (including secure communication) between all departments and employees;
  • as each action is registered, there are possibilities to generate KPI orders. 

All the items contribute to the success- of the app. First of all user attention is paid not to who will solve the issue, but to the problem and category of the issue. Expected response helps to set priorities. And secondly, failures are also planned, it can seem weird, but the importance of unforeseen failures helps to determine key resources and set priorities.


The main advantage is the simplicity to learn how to use the app. The system can’t be successful if it requires complex training. The results of using the difficult-to-use app are low. Positive learning and communication lead to great results, so nothing complicated was taken in the app.  The harder it is to figure out how the application works, the worse the effect of using the application. 

The last stage of the cycle is monitoring which is necessary for analysis. Any prospective areas for improvement are easily selected in order to develop further steps. 




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