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Creating an online place full of functions for Customers - those who would like to find someone who can help with the tasks/orders, and for Masters -  those who are specialists in specific spheres/categories.



The web app is written by our developers in TypeScript and JavaScript using Angular and Loopback. Also, our developers used Google Maps, PostgreSQL, AWS, SNS, and Docker. 

We have chosen TypeScript for the project as the development of it is carried out by a team of developers, rather than individual programmers. Therefore, this language is distinguished by developed tools for developing components and collecting the final project from a file structure, which is largely branched. In addition, TypeScript encourages backend developers to work with the Frontend side. Fewer tests need to be written due to the tight architecture.

The possibility of maneuverability (speed and flexibility) attracted our developers to Docker and allowed them to control what is happening inside the container and understand how to speed up the software development process.


It is a project for customers who search for services with a good price and masters who can provide the required work. 

The web app gives the opportunity to become a master and earn money by creating a profile on the platform and doing orders. Users can make orders and choose offers that can they do in fields such as construction and renovation, move and transportation, housekeeping, photo and video, delivery, gardening, event and promotion, computer and web services, and food. Most jobs are part-time but some jobs are full-time like babysitting. It is possible to register as a company and look for part-time employees to help with support processes.

Master’s pages are valuable resources for customers to look at profiles to decide with whom to work. Therefore, it is very important to present yourself in the best possible way. Masters can specify work experience in their profiles, tell about themselves, and show their best examples in portfolios.

The advantage of using the web app for customers is the choice of the cheapest and the most high-quality work as the system is competitive. Each customer can comment on the work that is made by the certain master and set the rate from 0.5 to 5 stars. All feedback is validated by the administrator in order to delete fake comments.

Our developers used PostgreSQL for keeping data of orders and masters. PostgreSQL was chosen by our developers because of:

  • database support of unlimited size;
  • powerful and reliable transaction and replication mechanisms;
  • easy extensibility.

As well as PostgreSQL developers used Google Maps in order to help to locate masters and orders. The service has its distinctive advantages for ordinary users:

Simplicity. The service is quite simple and straightforward to use, the user only needs to indicate his location and write down the data that needs to be displayed on the map. A marker will appear at the indicated location. Clicking on the marker shows all current information about the object;

Good visualization and UX. Users will immediately see how it is better to drive or pass to the place.

The system is useful in any location of the world, but the most popular countries with masters and customers are America, England, Germany, and France. In this order, the platform supports their national languages. 

We created a secure payment system that allows choosing the most comfortable method of payment. The web application provides security and allows to track all completed transactions, spending, and receiving funds.

Created an artificial intelligence system that matches masters to the most suitable jobs based on their profile and skills. Subscription permits to receive daily messages about new orders which are appropriate to masters. 



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