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To create an intelligent Marketing tool for marketers to find and analyze influential accounts.

It was necessary to build a strong dedicated team of machine learning and Java developers,a sales manager, a marketer, a designer, and a project manager.
Secondly, to use only modern technologies and languages.
On the Backend side, we used Java, Python, MongoDB. To create an intelligent platform, of course, we need Python.
On the Frontend side, we chose to use Angular 6, HTML5, JavaScript library for data visualization and graphing ECharts, and a dynamic stylesheet preprocessor language Stylus. Everything became very simple with Stylus - it saved our time.

MIfort developers have created the following features of the app:

We provided deep analytics based on powerful AI models.

The created platform supports four social networks: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch.
Users can filter by a number of followers and an average number of engagements:

  • Filter by influencer country, US state, and US city.
  • Filter by brands mentions.
  • Audience filters (country, gender, languages, interests).
  • Select influencers with look-alike content and audience, for example:


  • Easily get influencers' contact info, like so:

Opportunities of the platform are wide and can be divided into 4 groups: influencer profile, performance, audience, and special opportunities:

ml - data based on the tool's proprietary machine-learning models,
raw - raw platform data collected and analyzed by the platform.

Product interfaces:

Web App Features:
● Search + Analytics + Network +Monitoring
● Unlimited searches
● Unlimited profiles
● Unlimited lists
● Campaign monitoring with 5 participants
● Unlimited import of own accounts
● Export is limited to 2,000 profiles per month

Web App APIs:
● Search API + Analytics API
● API access without additional payments (sold separately from the web app)
● Unlimited searches with filtering capabilities
● From 2,000 to millions of profiles per month

The platform is widely used in Europe, North America, and Asia. The most popular social network with users is Instagram.
The intelligent project achieved its key indicators of success:
10M+ analyzed profiles in the up-to-date database
5K+ only influential accounts with 5000+ followers
4M+ influencer accounts with contact information available
4 supported social media platforms (Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Twitch)
25+ influencer & audience filters available for accurate search results
15+ proprietary AI models with a quality prediction for decision making

It is a really valuable platform, especially for multi-channel networks and individual managers who seek business. Within a few moments, it provides up-to-date blogger statistics. there is no need to contact managers or content owners every time, and the accuracy is about 92-95%
It is a definitely precious platform, especially for people who seek business. It affords up-to-date blogger statistics and there is no need to contact managers or content owners every time, the accuracy is about 92-95%.

The platform received amazing user evaluations and allowed the consumer to dramatically boom the market from 2,000 to millions of profiles per month.


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