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To create a meeting platform to organize meetups for knowledge sharing and increasing audience.



We created the Project in JavaScript and NodeJS with the help of MySQL and Sequelize. Sequelize is the most popular ORM for SQL databases. It provides a high level of abstraction over the database schema and supports basic SQL dialects (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, and MSSQL). NodeJS was chosen because of the huge external libraries and off-the-shelf modules. The platform initially had a wide range of opportunities, and the library is replenished and improved in new versions - не понял. Using the NPM package manager we developed the Node ecosystem. In this way, we implemented WebApp using modern technologies and frameworks. The created project brings together speakers and guests from all over the world. 


Meetups are excellent because these meetings are held for knowledge sharing in an informal setting. Guests of meetups enhance their knowledge of current practices, ask questions and get answers, they see a different points of view for their problems.  

The business goal of the project we needed to create was to attract more people for meetups in IT. The difference between holding an event and writing articles is the possibility to ask questions and receive quick, accurate, and professional responses from the best specialists, be familiar with like-minded people, enthusiasts, and professionals and get exciting impressions. 

We in Mifort created the database of events and speakers in MySQL. We chose to use using MySQL because it provides secure and reliable databases in comparison with other SQL systems. This technology is very useful for an e-Commerce business so the built solution is scalable and reliable.  On the frontend side, we chose to use jQuery with Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3.

Past events automatically move to their category of past events from current or future events. Any registered user can create an event or attend an event. The event is published only after approval by the moderator, which allows to filter of the events and provides holding only highly quality meetings. Organizers can create public or private meetups. Public events can be free or fee-based. Organizers of events can become speakers, invite their familiars as speakers or choose speakers from the database of speakers who are highly-qualified specialists in their fields. It is possible to send invitations to the speakers by email. This function works with created multi-select checkboxes of choice built in JavaScript. 

The Meeting Platform application offers to rent cafes, restaurants, and other similar establishments for providing events, as well as to order food and drinks to make events more enjoyable. In this connection, we can name this project B2С and B2B at the same time. 

The most popular cities with events are Minsk and New York currently.  Speakers are specialists in such fields as management, Scrum, Java, C++, and JavaScript. It is expected to increase not only the number of cities but topics of holding events as well. 


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