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Discover the inspiring journey of a cutting-edge online shop solution, meticulously designed with integrated crypto payments and fueled by intelligent recommendation mechanisms. Witness the birth of a robust platform that not only catered to the desires of thousands of contented customers but also revolutionized backend operations, achieving a remarkable 17% reduction in processing time.



Our client required a robust and feature-rich online shop that could effectively showcase and sell their products.

Integration of crypto payments was a key requirement to cater to customers who prefer digital currencies.


Team’s Solution

Our experienced team took on the challenge and developed a custom online shop solution that met the client's requirements:

  • We integrated crypto payment gateways to facilitate seamless and secure transactions in digital currencies
  • Advanced recommendation mechanisms were implemented using machine learning and data analysis techniques to provide personalized product suggestions to customers
  • We added email notifications: registration, purchase confirmation, shipping info, the arrival of new products, various discounts, promotions

Technology Stack

Angular 2+   

Team and Timeline

6 Mifort’s specialists 8 months to delivery



  • We developed a powerful and user-friendly online shop that successfully addressed Client's needs and goals
  • The developed platform served 12 000 customers per year and helped increase the average check amount by 15%


Elevate Your E-commerce with Blockchain and Crypto

Discover the possibilities that lie at the intersection of blockchain e-commerce and crypto payments. Our expertise in e-commerce cryptocurrency software and blockchain e-commerce marketplace development can revolutionize your digital storefront. Partner with Mifort, your gateway to a future where cutting-edge technology shapes the e-commerce landscape.


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