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To create a trading website with 2 developers within 4 months

Used technologies and frameworks: AngularJS, NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Gulp, jQuery, Axure, Gulp, Apache Solr.

As we were limited in time and human resources we used Bootstrap, Axure, and Apache Solr as a basis for the Web Application. Solr provides an incredible speed of processing requests inherent in the process of solving business problems. Axure RP is the most famous and popular website and application prototyping program. Bootstrap is the most popular framework for creating applications with a large community and excellent support, so we chose it for the application. All our chosen technologies and frameworks will not become obsolete even after a few years and it will be easy to update the website. Thanks to Bootstrap, you don’t need to create from scratch, there is already a ready-made template. It is much wiser to take advantage of the accumulated and proven experience than to reinvent the wheel.

We made a decision to support many categories, filters, offers, and user-friendly baskets. The online store of tasty and healthy sweets is pleased to offer a wide range of products unique to the Belarusian market. Among them, there are chocolates on honey, eco-candies without sugar, and Belevsky sweets: marmalade, marshmallows, marshmallows, figs, crunches, and much more. Users can not only try new tastes and diversify tea parties but also make pleasant gifts for their friends and acquaintances.


Buying sweets on the website is very simple - users collect in the grocery basket what they like from the product catalog and leave their contact details before placing an order. Sellers will contact to discuss the delivery details and convenient time, quickly collect the order and deliver it to the user's home.

We provided possibilities of comparison and sorting by price and alphabetical order or canceling it and wide filtering logic. Also, buyers can choose the more comfortable way of viewing, how many products should be on a page.

Moreover, users can search by keywords, set price range from and to, look only for products available.

Beyond that, we launched an automotive cumulative discount program in the online store for marketing purposes.
Created by Mifort website allows consumers to choose, order, and pay for preferable products. The online store successfully works and attracts new buyers now.


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