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Create an application that can manage the working hours of the factory's employees. The application should improve the worker's productivity by detecting the downtime of employees and reporting it, as well as a report about the violations of factory rules.



Thanks to IT technologies, it is not at all necessary to be physically at the enterprise to control the work! It is also not necessary to observe on cameras whether each employee is working conscientiously or not. All these issues can be solved with the help of online services.
The customer asked us to help him to improve employee productivity by reducing downtime and reducing labor costs. We created an application that allowed the customer to track the downtime of the enterprise, promptly respond and eliminate it. them. This application can also be used for tracking how products are unloaded, loaded, and stored in the warehouse management system.

For the developed project, we had a team of 5 people: a JavaScript developer, a Quality Assurance, a Backend developer, a Frontend developer, and a Project Manager. We have created Software as a service in 1 month. During that time our developers created a user-friendly interface that would help to manage the time of the factory, find unscrupulous workers and reduce factory costs accordingly. The application was written using all the modern technologies. The front was made with Vue, Vuetifyjs, VueDPlayer, Webpack, Axios, and Backend in Java, Spring Framework, MySQL, and AWS. Testing consisted of two parts: automatic and manual. We carried out automated testing using specially developed tests and manual testing to make sure that the delivered application had no defects.

We released this product as MVP so it has basic features but enough to solve the challenge, and get the attention of the consumers. It is already very popular in some regions and many factories began to purchase it. The application is still in the process of testing on the market and collecting feedback from real users. It helps to collect a complete picture of the project and finalize the missing features.



The processes of the factory were optimized. After the launching of this application, factory downtime has been reduced by 15%, which means that the efficiency of the enterprise has increased and labor costs have been reduced. The cost of maintenance of the staff of the factory decreased by 33%, and part of the staff was transferred to other necessary tasks. Due to the optimization of the time for moving products, its turnover in the warehouse increased by 21%. With the help of implemented applications now it is possible to identify underperforming workers and reduce the amount of damage caused during the storage and transportation of products.


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