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Create a safe application and set up the application analysis in 6 months.

1 developer has created the whole application using React for Frontend, Node.js for Backend, and AWS for Cloud hosting.

The application helps tax residents of Switzerland to compare different municipalities from the tax perspective. It makes it easier to choose the location to buy a house for long-term tax benefits.
The taxation system of Switzerland is very complex and depends on many factors such as family situation, occupation, and place of residence. Municipal taxes vary significantly across cantons. For instance, a single employed person earning 100'000 CHF may pay anywhere between 5.5% and 18.7% depending on where he lives.

The application must is localized with Predator in:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian

All data between Web Frontend and Backend applications is transferred via the encrypted channel TLS. Certificates are extended automatically before they expire.
All user data whether it is stored locally or remotely is encrypted. Sensitive user information, like passwords, is additionally encrypted and is not stored as plain data.
User behavior is analyzed by using Google Analytics in conjunction with Google Tag Manager. The application collects:

  • Personal data, but only after permission to collect it
  • Behavior (visited pages and pages where interaction has started and ended)
  • Session duration
  • User actions on a page
  • Duration per page
  • etc.

The application has become the first access point for tax residents of Switzerland when it comes to choosing where to reside.


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