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In response to the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions, Mifort embarked on a project to develop a cutting-edge rental electric car app. This application aimed to revolutionize the electric vehicle rental industry by incorporating advanced features such as a map of parking zones and charging stations, identity verification, remote vehicle unlocking, and complex pricing structures.

Over the course of 6 months, Mifort's team of 4 specialists dedicated their expertise and passion to bring this project to life. Their collective efforts resulted in a remarkable solution that offered significant benefits to both users and the environment.

Key achievements of the rental electric car app include improved trip planning capabilities, enhanced security through identity verification and integration with banking systems, seamless remote vehicle unlocking, and a transparent pricing structure tailored to location, duration, and charging types.

Let's explore how Mifort's rental electric car app has transformed the way people experience sustainable and convenient transportation.


Develop a rental electric car app with:

  • A map of available parking zones (green, brown, and restricted) for electric cars, charging station locations, and their availability
  • Manual identity verification processes and integration with banking systems
  • The ability to remotely unlock and track vehicles
  • Complex pricing structures based on location, duration, and charging types

custom rental application development

Team’s Solutions

We developed a mobile car rental app that provides an interactive map with charging station locations, trip planning, vehicle filtering, engaging marketing features, and user support.

The web app for the back office streamlines charging station management integrates partner programs, facilitates marketing campaign management, enables customer communication, and automates support processes.

A landing page was created offering contact forms, a chatbot for assistance, and comprehensive information about our company and services.


Mobile Application:

  • Map of all charging stations with integrated route planning
  • Calculation of travel routes for electric vehicles considering charging stations
  • Filtering charging stations based on supported vehicle models.
  • Marketing Features: Discounts accumulation, marketing campaigns, challenges to earn discounts (e.g., walking 3 kilometers and getting 10 minutes of fast charging), engaging statistics (e.g., the reduction of harmful emissions and their impact on the environment)
  • Feedback and review system
  • Reservation of available charging spots (if a charging station supports it)
  • Activation of charging sessions (if a charging station supports it)
  • Payment for charging sessions (if a charging station supports it)

Web Application for back-office:

  • Charging station management: Activation/deactivation, maintenance requests, adding new charging stations, modifying supported vehicle models and charging power settings, etc
  • Partner programs: Integration with other services offering similar solutions (if applicable)
  • Launching and editing marketing programs
  • Customer communication and newsletters
  • User support automation

Landing Page:

  • Contact forms for user inquiries and feedback
  • Chatbot for customer and partner interactions
  • Company information and service offerings


React Native
Google Maps API
React Navigation
Google Maps API

Team and Timeline

Our dedicated team of a Project Manager, Frontend Developer, Backend Developer and QA contributed their expertise to ensure the successful completion of the project. The app development followed a structured timeline: Months 1-2: Project initiation, requirements gathering, and UI/UX design
Months 3-4: Frontend and backend development, including integration with banking systems and map integration
Months 5-6: Web application development, back-office functionalities, testing, refinement, and app launch


  • Improved trip planning with optimized routes and real-time charging station availability, leading to a reduction in charging time
  • Enhanced security and streamlined identity verification through integrated banking systems, resulting in a decrease in fraudulent activities and ensuring a trusted environment for transactions
  • Remote vehicle unlocking and tracking functionality for effortless car access, leading to a 10% reduction in response time for unlocking requests and improved overall user experience
  • Transparent pricing structure tailored to location, duration, and charging types, resulting in a 5% increase in customer satisfaction each month and improved cost transparency for users

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custom car rental application development


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