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What is the Best Medical app?

"Do I have an infection? What is causing my blood sugar spikes? How can I deal with this pain?" These questions and more are now being handled without waiting for the next doctor’s visit, thanks to a wide array of medical apps that put the power of mobile medical care in your patients’ hands.

The coronavirus outbreak has put tremendous pressure on healthcare infrastructure around the world. Many medical centers were not ready for such an influx of patients. Therefore, Covid has become a real challenge for doctors. This virus hits the most vulnerable places, and naturally, it is easier for doctors to provide high-quality treatment when they see at once the entire history of the patient's illness, the characteristics of the body, allergies to drugs, the history of past diseases, our chronic diseases and genetic predisposition. So this makes it possible to quickly and efficiently assist the patient, and the doctor, in turn, shortens the time to identify the correct treatment for the patient. Also, In conditions of increased workload on clinic staff and the rapid spread of viral infection, it is crucial to organize contactless interaction of patients with doctors in mobile applications, computers, and other devices using information technology.

Mobile healthcare is a safe way to provide online healthcare for patients with chronic and other severe illnesses during a pandemic. At the same time, there is no additional risk of infection for healthcare workers and patients.


Our main task was to develop an application that would significantly facilitate the work of practitioners, interns, and medical students. Those doctors prioritize patients' health, optimize time for their professional duties and development, apply innovations in their practice and introduce healthcare reforms by personal example. Therefore, the application should be easy to use, practical and intuitive for a broad audience.

For the patient, it is essential that with the help of this application, they will be able to follow the medical history and vaccination schedule, find out about the test results, monitor the prescriptions of the attending physician, make an appointment with the desired doctor, and pay medical bills online.

As a result, we need to get a solution with debugged functionality, and an attractive and user-friendly design. Ideally, the user should find what he needs in the internal menu in two or three clicks. The interaction with the application should be straightforward.


For this project, we had a team of 4 people: Quality Assurance testing, a Backend developer, a Frontend developer, and a Project manager. The length of the project was 6 months. This application was written using many technologies. The Frontend was made with Vue, Vuetifyjs, VueDPlayer, and Webpack, and the Backend was with Java, Spring Framework, MySQL, and AWS. Testing consisted of two types: automatic and manual. We carried out automated testing using specially developed tests and manual testing for users' convenience.

When developing patient applications, we evaluated such essential criteria as functionality, ease of use, and availability for free download. We also considered feedback from real users and the software's practical benefits. 

- Personal account. There is a personal account where the user can usefully fill in all the information about his health about himself, and there is also stored the entire medical history and chronic diseases of yours and relatives, which you can also add. Then, in an emergency, you can immediately show everything to the doctor, and a correct and quick history will be made. Also, in your account, you can follow the medical history and vaccination schedule, find out about the test results, control the doctor's prescriptions, plan the time of face-to-face appointments and video calls with the doctor, and export your health data from other applications.

- Provide information in a matter of seconds. Today, people are used to receiving information instantly, and working with a medical application is no exception. Our application downloads information in a matter of seconds. It also works offline. A medical facility specialist needs to simultaneously enter patient data, read the clinical guidelines, and decide on the treatment appointment, so he does not have time to wait for a response from the system.

- "Appointment to a doctor". Everyone knows how difficult it is sometimes to make an appointment with a doctor. To do this, you need to come to the clinic or at least call the registry. Today this problem has been resolved. The mobile application allows the patient, using a smartphone, to make an appointment with a doctor. The benefits of remote recording are clear. No queues or waiting. All members of your family can make an appointment, and for each, you can create a separate profile. You choose the doctor you want and the appointment time, review the available records, and if you want, you can cancel the scheduled appointment.

- Online chats with doctors. You can ask the doctors the questions you are interested in. Video or audio consultation is available to you. Choose a time convenient for you - to do this, indicate it in the table of the doctor's consultation schedule. 

- Search for drugs. It is not always possible to find what the doctor ordered in pharmacies. The main task of this mobile application is to provide the buyer with comprehensive information about pharmacies and the range of medicines. You will quickly find the pharmacy and medicines you need, as well as learn about discounts and promotional offers.

-Doctor's Handbook. This feature was developed for doctors and medical personnel who want to gain more professional knowledge. The application contains news of medicine, protocols for diagnosis and treatment, ICD codes, requirements for recovery, length of stay of patients in the hospital, and a set of medical calculators.

- Pay medical bills online. Users can choose the most convenient payment systems like Apple Pay. Money, PayPal, Mi Pay. For the convenience of users, after the first use of the card, the application offers to save it so you will not have to enter the details next time. 

- Safe storage of personal medical data. The storage and processing of data in the healthcare sector are carried out according to strictly regulated rules. This is especially true of documents from the category of medical confidentiality. Our application must comply with international and national privacy requirements that determine the rules for working with medical data: HIPAA, ISO / TS, GDPR, and others.


Mobile healthcare is a safe way to provide online healthcare for patients with chronic and other serious illnesses during a pandemic. At the same time, there is no additional risk of infection for healthcare workers and patients. In addition, mobile technology can be useful for medical students as well. This shows the high social significance and development prospects of the industry. With the help of our application, users can follow the medical history and vaccination schedule, learn about the test results, monitor the prescriptions of the attending doctor, plan the time of face-to-face admission and video communication with the doctor, pay medical bills online, and export your health data from other applications. In addition, we have many valuable options, such as canceling or rescheduling a visit to the doctor, entering the time of the visit into the calendar, or opening additional profiles for family members.

The application has benefits not only for patients but also for clinics. Reducing the burden on the administrative staff of clinics, increasing the number of patients seeking medical advice online, improving the image of clinics, and increasing patient loyalty. Our application is for doctors who prioritize patients' health, optimize their professional duties and development time, and apply innovations in their practice. If you want us to help with development, contact us we will be happy to help you with that.


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