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Web Development

The main focus of our team is Web Applications development. We can build online stores, online learning platforms, communication platforms, admin panels (for delivery services, tracking tasks, product management, etc.). We develop Web applications on modern JavaScript frameworks: Angular, React, Vue JS, with backend on Java or Node.js.

Mobile Development

Mobile applications help you do business more effectively and extend customer involvement, as according to the latest surveys people spend more time in mobile applications rather than the web. We develop mobile applications using such JavaScript frameworks as React Native, Ionic and Native Script.

Desktop Development

We develop applications that run stand-alone on desktop computers and laptops. Our team can develop messengers, enterprise management tools and various business management solutions. For the development of apps, we use frameworks such as Electron JS, NW.js, appJS, Meteor, Proton Native.

White Label

Mifort team can develop applications anonymously, with “white label”, so that you can sell such applications under your company name. We are ready to sign NDA before requirements discussion and develop products or services under the label of your company.

UX/UI Design

UX/UI design is a crucial phase in application development. Even if your product has unique powerful functionality it won’t matter for most of the users if they don’t understand how to work with this tool. Moreover, the interface is what forms a user’s first impression of the platform.

Data Science and Machine Learning

Data Science and Machine Learning can help your business save money on tasks automation and analytics in your field. Analyzing datasets, predicting dynamic, visualizing results, automating business processes and any manual tasks is much easier with ML and Data Science.

Blockchain Technology

Initially constructed for the cryptocurrency, Blockchain has come into use in other diverse fields. This leading-edge technology presents an accessible, decentralized and transparent system for data recording and transfer, that is why large businesses choose it.

Dedicated Team

In the Dedicated Team model we provide a shaped up team of IT experts, who work on your employment terms, requirements and timelines. You get full control over the team with administrative support on our side.

Recent projects

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Timesheet Management application

Mifort Timesheet – web application which automates time tracking process. Fully independent, easy extensible and open source application written with Node.JS, Angular and MongoDB is the easiest way to fill and manage employees’ time.

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Issue Management application

Mobile oriented web application created to bring together customers of various services and their performers. Integration between to Issue tracking systems.

Project image

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